July 1, 2024

Evan Nathaniel Grim delves into the profound effects of Saturn and Neptune retrograding in Pisces. This celestial alignment, beginning on June 29th and lasting until November 15th, invites a period of reflection, introspection, and the unraveling of delusions. Evan explains how Saturn acts like a strict teacher, urging us to revisit our past decisions, particularly […]

June 18, 2024

In this episode of Astrology Unbound, Evan Nathaniel Grim delves into the powerful synergy between the Capricorn Full Moon and the Summer Solstice. These celestial events are not just cosmic phenomena but significant markers that can illuminate our paths toward achieving our deepest aspirations. With the Summer Solstice marking the pinnacle of daylight in the […]

June 11, 2024

Host Evan Nathaniel Grimm delves into the intricate dance of Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and Jupiter in Gemini, and how their interactions, particularly their squares with Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, call for discernment and careful communication. The upcoming Mercury Cazimi on June 14th promises breakthroughs and mental clarity, making it an opportune time for […]

June 6, 2024

Join Evan Nathaniel Grim for the inaugural episode of his brand new astrology podcast, Astrology Unbound. The Gemini New Moon is an event that astrology enthusiasts anticipate for its promise of new beginnings and the chance to set powerful intentions. As the moon phases shift from new to full, so too do the opportunities for […]

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Renowned for his confrontational yet insightful approach, Evan Nathaniel Grim challenges conventional wisdom to break down the stereotypes and engage listeners across a wide array of intellectual topics.



"Just wanted to say thank you so much for making time for the mini reading! I've had readings done in the past, and even in 15 minutes, you saw me the clearest. That was so spot on. You have a gift for interpretation and weaving together puzzles, 100%! 

— Lane W., Professional Artist

"I really enjoyed the first lecture from the astrology class. You are an incredibly good teacher. The way you explained the evolution of astrology, the elements and how that synthesizes into the zodiac signs and the alchemy between was beyond brilliant. I can't forget "fire and air make a pair." Thank you for teaching this cohort. I'm so looking forward to the rest of the classes."

— Megha K., Paid Ads Expert

I’ve now listened 4 times and keep finding new things. Hidden gems. Are you psychic as well? I know we’re all intuitive but, there's a way that you deliver information, present possible scenarios that make me wonder if that little astro wheel is saying all that or if that's all you feeling it? Either way, your approach and presentation were super clear and thorough. Expansive but detailed. Specific and informative. Eye opening.

— Donn T., Recording Artist




Evan Nathaniel Grim delivers strategic advice on how each zodiac sign can navigate the upcoming planetary configurations and offers world predictions.